We have been growing blue and pearl oyster mushrooms in buckets the last couple of months to get ready for our indoor growing workshops!

Most buckets are straw with blue or pearl oyster grain spawn.  We did one with hardwood fuel pellets as well.  These buckets are a super easy size to handle and fruit at least twice, if not three times.

Our house is crazy dry (we have no furnace and therefore no humidifier!)  A shotgun chamber or a house with more humidity would make it easier.  We soaked them in water overnight a couple of times when they felt light weight.

We did some with hydrated straw (not pasteurized) and quickly remembered why we do not do that…  We had a house full of little flies!  The straw has eggs on it from random insects (of course).  As soon as you give it some moisture, the eggs hatch.  Lesson: do not cut corners!

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