You might be wondering why the name Fungi Akuafo? That is a little nod to the fungi ‘Queendom’ and our sister farm, ‘Akesi Farms’.

Many people ask us if ‘Akuafo’ is Japanese but it is actually Fante, one of the Akan languages spoken in Ghana where Meghan’s husband, Kwesi, is from and it means ‘farmers’.  Fungi Akuafo = Fungi Farmers

Meghan and Kwesi own Akesi Farms which means ‘Great’ or ‘Big Things’ in Fante. The farm is home to our fungi lab and ‘head quarters’ thus we wanted to have the name of our spawn company linked to the farm. Kwesi’s sister was the creative mind behind both names.

… Mr. Goose insisted on being in the photo. More to come on this ‘Grand Poobah’ of the farm in a future post 😉

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