We have decided to start off the New Year by building a “New & Improved” website! Over the next couple of months you will begin to see some changes as we refine our website one page at a time.

When we started Fungi Akuafo in 2016, we were starting from scratch both as newbie mycologists and small business owners. We were so excited about the Fungi Kingdom and all the amazing things that people are doing to learn about and integrate these organisms into our lives!  At the beginning, we wanted to keep the goals of our business as wide as possible so that we could work to find our niche.

Over the last two years, we have learned a ton about fungi and small business. We have a better idea of our personal strengths and where we want to focus our fungi business right now.

We began learning cultivation techniques in the lab and after gaining our footing, we have expanded into experimenting with fruiting mushrooms inside and then outside. Given our interest in permaculture design (we met at a design certification course) and that Meghan lives on a farm (growing mushrooms in the garden/greenhouse) and Tara in a city (growing mushrooms in the basement) a logical place to start focus our business is to support:

  • small farmers,
  • DIY growers, and
  • landscape designers

to integrate fungi into their projects by selling mushroom spawn and sharing with them what we have learned.

We want to build a community of fungi lovers and want you to help guide the direction of Fungi Akuafo, so please let us know what sort of things you would like to see on our website and how better we can support you in integrating fungi into your lives!

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