Meghan and Kwesi (mostly Kwesi) have been working on converting a storage room at the farm into a lab space.

It’s been a good project and is far from being finished! As always, it’s a good learning opportunity.  The first steps have been to add a new door on the back, add new exterior lights, insulate all the walls and floor, and ensure electrical plugs are planned for.  We are certain that once we start using the space we will come up with improvements (as always!) but overall, we are excited about having a dedicated space for our flow hood, easy access to our pharmacy fridge, and lots of storage space! The label maker is going to get a workout. It was already heavily used to properly label the electrical panel! No ambiguity there.

The next steps will be to finish the flooring, install a sink, get creative with water in winter, paint and then design and install our workspaces. We have purchased an electric pressure cooker so that we can create grain spawn without the use of a stove.

Stay tuned for more progress on the lab!

Fun fact: The door at the back was “found” at the farm. It had to be cut to fit the space so we call it the fairy door! If it’s the same age as the doors in the house, it’s at least 90 years old. Kwesi found a locksmith in Calgary who can fix the very old door knobs. How cool is that?

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