The Basil Ranch and Fungi Akuafo are joining forces to provide you with a mushroom grow kit and a learning experience that will teach you how to grow a different mushroom species each month! This is a special type of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where all of us in the community are supporting one another to grow our own food – mushrooms!

The Basil Ranch is an indoor hydroponic farm in the heart of Inglewood, providing fresh greens and mushrooms to local restaurants and grocers since 1996! They recently acquired Highfield Regenerative Farm to grow food outdoors in the heart of the city. This mushroom CSA is the newest offering in their mission to improve food security in our northern climate.

This CSA is geared towards beginner mushroom cultivators, eager to grow fresh mushrooms at home. We will begin in March by learning to grow Blue Oyster from a grow kit. In April, you will expand your skills by learning to use a Garden Oyster grow kit to inoculate a bucket of straw/wood chips. In May, we will head outside, where you will learn to grow Wine Cap mushrooms in your garden. In June, you will learn how to grow Shaggy Mane mushrooms in a ‘heap’ in your backyard. July will be all about Pink Oysters: chef Alex Hamilton from The Allium will introduce you to different ways to cook these mushrooms. 

The monthly workshops will be 60-90 minutes and will either be live online Zoom (March), or in person at Highfield Regenerative Farm in SE Calgary (April-July), weather and COVID dependent.

The mushroom grow kits will be available for pick up once a month at Highfield Regenerative Farm or at the Basil Ranch in Inglewood, thus, the CSA is recommended for people who live in and around Calgary. 

To sign up email: Please include “Mushroom CSA” in the subject line.

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