I was so excited that it was cool today and it rained for a bit! We’ve had almost no rain for the whole month. Fire risk is getting high and the bees are VERY hungry.
Yesterday it was over 30C. (It was September 2nd, why is it 30C?)
Yesterday, we pressure cooked all of our grain and sawdust for inoculation. Today, the afternoon was spent doing the inoculation work and putting everything “to bed” all cozy in the inoculation room. The heater was on in our inoculation room today as it was less than 18C!

  • The first task was sawdust spawn.
  • The next was grain inoculation with liquid spawn
  • After that, it was grain inoculation with agar
  • Last (no photo) was creating some more storage slants for a couple of strains

The yellow oyster sawdust spawn created today is for the University of Calgary Harvest Fair on September 28th. We will have a table with information and yellow oyster grow kits for sale.

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