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Mushroom Grow Kit Instructions

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Simple Fruiting Chambers

What is a Fruiting Chamber?

Environmental Conditions Required to Fruit your Grow Kit

For your Grow Kit to fruit properly you need to maintain 4 environmental conditions: Humidity, Airflow, Sunlight and Temperature. You achieve the proper light and temperature requirements by selecting a location in your house that has indirect light (north facing window) and is at room temperature. However, we usually use some sort of Fruiting Chamber to help regulate humidity and airflow, especially if you are living in a dry climate.


What exactly is a Fruiting Chamber?

A Fruiting Chamber is simply a contained space that you create to help regulate airflow and humidity when fruiting your Grow Kit. For the home grower, this can range from something as simple as a Humidity Tent consisting of a plastic bag with holes and a plant spritz bottle to a small Green House with humidity and CO2 sensors.

What are the simplest Fruiting Chambers to use?

Two common fruiting chambers for the home grower are: 1) Humidity Tent and 2) Shotgun Chamber.

A Humidity Tent is simply a clear plastic bag with holes in it and is use for a single Grow Kit.

A Shotgun Chamber is a clear plastic tote that has holes drill on all four sides and is an easy way to scale up when growing multiple Grow Kits at once.

Both of these Fruiting Chambers have 5 characteristics in common. They are:

Clear – to allow light to pass through

Spacious – enough room for your mushrooms to fruit properly

Enclosed – to help trap humidity and spores

Holes – to allow for a small amount of air flow

Water – you will be spritzing the inside with water to create humidity

How to make a Humidity Tent

    How to make a simple Shotgun Chamber

    Mushroom Grow Kit FAQs

    Can I start fruiting my Grow Kit right away?

    When your Grow Kit arrives check to make sure it is fully myceliated (all of the sawdust is covered in white mycelium). If there is still a patch of brown sawdust, place your Grow Kit in a dark location (ideally room temperature) until it is all white (check once a day). Then follow the Mushroom Grow Kit instructions for the species you have. 

    What should I do with my Grow Kit if I am not ready to use it right away?

    If you are not ready to use your Grow Kit, simply place it in the fridge for up to a month. Once you are ready to use it, take it out of the fridge for a day (keep in a dark location) to let it ‘wake up’ and then follow the instructions for your species. 

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