Thank you!  We had many people order our Wine Cap and Shaggy Mane sawdust spawn this spring.  The Shaggy Mane is actually a clone from a wild mushroom found in our garden!

Why have we stopped selling these species right now?  Two reasons!

  1. The outdoor season (at least the BEST time to add mushrooms to our yards) has passed…  Trees have leafed out and the short summer season has started.  Outdoor projects need as much time as possible to colonize wood chips or logs (or whatever else you have tried!) to make it through the winter.  Starting projects later in the summer reduces the chance of them overwintering.
  2. We need the space!  We are going to expand our incubation room this summer but for the moment, we can only store about 200 bags of spawn.  Wine Cap and Shaggy Mane are our slowest species, and we need to keep them on our shelves much longer than others.  This slows down shipping out orders and also adds complexity when our customers order one species that takes ten days to incubate with another species that takes twenty-eight.  This summer, as we are going to be at the Bergen Farmers’ Market, we need as much incubation space as possible for the mushroom greenhouse!

Wine Cap was certainly our most popular species ordered between February and May.  Next year we’ll try hard to have more for sale and hopefully be able to ship a bit faster.  It’s a challenge to predict what people are going to order but we do our best.

All the spawn on the back wall is destined for the mushroom greenhouse.  In addition to the oysters and lion’s mane, we’ll also be growing Reishi mushrooms. They will be available for sale at the Bergen Farmers’ Market and also at farm gate.  Once we have some to sell, we’ll let you know how to purchase!

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