We know we have not been posting to our blog!  We apologize…  We have been working hard to increase our business and our infrastructure.  We are fortunate that people are more interested in local food and where their food comes than ever before!  That means interest in our products has increased with more orders, more emails, more phone calls, more speaking engagements and more courses!

One of the big changes recently has been our added fridge space.  It’s hard to believe but just over a year ago, we bought our first spawn fridge!  We know own 3 of them.  Two are in the lab with grain spawn ready to inoculate orders and one is in our incubation space.  This has really helped us increase how fast we can ship.  It’s still a bit of a guessing game as to what people will order as all our grain is cycled out after a few weeks, but we’re getting better!  We currently use about 6x the number of jars we used a year ago!

We bought our first pharmacy fridge right at the beginning – it was our first big purchase!  That was in 2016.  Now, finally, we have two!  There are no pictures of what the original pharmacy fridge looked like before we received our second one (it took 3 months to arrive!), but it was not a good sight…  Too many petris in too little space!  The glass door front is really cool but we aren’t pleased with the temperate variation so next time, we’ll be getting a solid front door.

It’s very exciting times for Fungi Akuafo.  Thanks for being along for the adventure with us!

Lab Fridges

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