The “blue room” is the new incubation space.  Lots more room!  Although we are already wondering if there is enough shelving space. ;-)  We used to be able to incubation about 200 bags at one time.  We should be able to have at least 3 times that now.

The incubation room is also where we have our new packing area.  Making up boxes has been a logistical challenge as our business has grown.  Now, we have a dedicated space!  It’s not quite finished yet but it’s coming together nicely.

We painted the room blue as it’s Meghan’s favourite colour.  And, we figured we’d not have the opportunity to paint a room dark blue elsewhere!  The room needs to be dark and it’s fun to work in there.

We keep this room at about 22C.  Air exchange has been setup with outside to keep the oxygen level reasonable.  Air into the lab side of the building is pulled from the blue room through a filter system.

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