With the Summer Solstice officially marking the start of summer, we have made our season shift in spawn production from sawdust to grain!

Are you wondering what is the difference between sawdust spawn and grain spawn? Learn what is the difference, when to use them and where to buy them below!

SAWDUST SPAWN is a 1.5kg bag of nutrified sawdust filled with mycelium and is recommended for inoculating outdoor mushroom projects such as wood stacks or straw/wood chip beds. With a bag of sawdust spawn, you can fruit mushrooms directly from the bag and when doing so is commonly referred to as a grow kit!

We won’t be offering any more grow kits for the remainder of the season, but here is a list of businesses in Canada that offer them if this is what you’re looking for:

LOOKING TO BUY SAWDUST SPAWN OR GROW KITS? Check out some of our fellow Canadian spawn producers 🙂

Alberta – Planet Mushrooms (Edmonton), Red Fox Fungi (Calgary), My Fungi (Calgary)

British Columbia – Grow Mushrooms Canada (Vancouver), Forij.life (Abbotsford)

Manitoba – River City Mushrooms (Winnipeg)  

Quebec – Mycoboutique (Montreal), Champignons Maison (Montreal)

Nova Scotia – Happy Caps (Halifax)

GRAIN SPAWN is grain such as wheat, rye, or millet that has been inoculated with mycelium.

We recommend grain spawn for inoculating indoor projects because it is easy to work with and stores well in the fridge. But most importantly it is the best value for your money as it can be used to inoculate more bulk substrate such as sawdust, coffee grounds, straw, or wood chips in order to fruit mushrooms in bags, buckets, columns etc.

WE SELL 1kg bags of grain spawn on our Shopify Site for the DIYers passionate about growing mushrooms in their homes or in containers on their patios/balconies. 

Are you a small-scale Farmer/Cultivator looking for wholesale grain spawn? If so we can help!

Grain spawn is perfect for small farmers who want to inoculate their own bulk substrates and sell mushrooms at a local scale.

When you buy wholesale grain spawn, you get 10-1kg bags of inoculated grain of the same species. We offer Blue Oyster, Pearl Oyster, Lion’s Mane, King Oyster, Reishi, Garden Oyster, and Yellow Oyster spawn. We also offer wholesale sterilized grain for those who want it to inoculate the grain with their own mycelium on our Shopify Site.

If you are a small farmer or DIYer interested in growing mushrooms but not sure how to get started with grain spawn, stay tuned for our online courses on indoor and outdoor growing coming soon.

Stay Tuned.

All doodles on our website are by our dear friend Fiona Le Taro

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