Oyster mushrooms come in a variety of species and colours, with one of the most vibrant and spectacular being the Pink Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus djamour).  This species is native to the tropics and grows on hardwood trees.

It is a fast, aggressive colonizer that is well adapted to growing inside or outside on many substrates, such as straw, hardwood sawdust, coffee grounds, compost and many more.

The beautiful pink colour of this mushroom varies with light conditions and maturity, deepening in colour with more light and fading with age.

At Christmas, we gave one sawdust bag of colonized Pink Oyster to a friend and fellow mushroom enthusiast.  Over the holidays, our friend cut a few holes in the bag.  A few days later, the mycellium began to pin.  The bag was left on the kitchen counter with access to light during the day (not direct sunlight) and was misted two to three times a day with a spray bottle.  About two weeks later, a beautiful bouquet of Pink Oyster mushrooms were ready to harvest!

Like all Oyster mushrooms, Pink Oysters should be harvested once the edges of the cap begin to curl up.  These mushrooms have a short shelf life and should be eaten within 1 to 2 days after harvesting when kept in the fridge in a paper bag (do not use plastic). Although the pink colour fades to grey when cooked, they are delicious!

Pink Oyster
Pink Oyster

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