It’s going to happen!  We are tearing down the existing incubation room and building a new, larger one. The lab space will be moved to the new building and the existing lab space will be used as a larger preparation area.  We moved the deep freezes out and need to find new spaces to store all the shipping boxes. Also, the canning jars are out of a home…  Few things to figure out!

We’ve planned and talked about this for a couple of years!  Very excited to see this happen.  We will be able to accommodate larger spawn orders! 

One downside is that we can’t accept new orders while the building is being built… so we are going to mark our products unavailable for about 2.5 weeks!  We are working on shipping out all existing orders.

Incubation Fie
Incubation Fie
Moved deep freezers
Incubation Fie

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