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Yellow Oyster

Common Names: Golden Oyster, Yellow Oyster

Amongst the most beautiful of culinary mushrooms, yellow oysters are fast growing producing gorgeous bouquets of delicate fruits. Native to subtropical hardwood forests, this species grows best in warmer temperatures thus we recommend growing yellow oysters as an indoor crop or in buckets outdoors during the warmest summer months of the year.


  • Culinary mushroom
  • Mushroom must be cooked prior to consuming

Natural Habitat:

  • Subtropical Hardwood forests

Cultivation Difficulty:

  • Outdoors: Difficult in temperate regions, but easy in buckets
  • Indoors: Easy

Spawn Type:

Growing Substrate:


  • Pasteurized agricultural by-product (e.g. straw)


  • Pasteurized agricultural by-products (e.g. straw)
  • Nutrified hardwood sawdust

Growing Techniques:



Inoculation to Fruiting Time:


  • From 5 to 6 weeks when started inside


  • From 5 to 6 weeks

Fruiting is triggered when the temperature is between 22-26C and humidity 80 – 95%

Harvest, Storage and Yields:

  • Harvest the delicate caps carefully as they flatten but before they curl upwards and spore
  • Remove the entire cluster (with mushrooms of various size) all at once by cutting it off with a knife at the base
  • Shelf life is relatively short but will last a little longer if stored in clusters:
    • Refrigerated at 3- 6 ◦C for a couple of days
    • Do not rehydrate well after dried
    • Cooked
  • Yields are smaller (lighter and smaller fruits) than other oysters with minimal second flushes

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