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Book: Mycelium Running

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 Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World


Paul Stamets


  • How fungi fit into our world
  • Mycorestoration
  • Beautiful illustrations

Recommend For:

The intermediate to advanced fungi lover


If you are interested in mushrooms, it is likely that you have heard of Paul Stamets. He is somewhat of a legend in the mushroom world. We love his book Mycelium Running because it outlines a clear path for using fungi to help remediate many of the ecological and climate problems that we currently face. The bulk of this book describes four areas of what he calls “mycorestoration”: mycomediation, mycofiltration, mycopesticides, and mycoforestry/myco-gardening. This book does have some techniques in it but we would not buy it for that purpose. This book is beautifully illustrated, but it is also very detailed and heavily referenced, so we would recommend this book for the intermediate to advanced fungi lover.

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