Dry mushrooms

How to dry mushrooms for longer term storage.


  • Dehydrator


  • Fresh mushrooms


  • Cut off the end of the stem if required to remove any soil/sawdust.
  • Clean the mushrooms by removing any debris with a brush. Do NOT use water to clean the mushroom.
  • Slice mushrooms to create uniform thickness slices. Usually 1/4" of less is best. Mushrooms can be sliced in any direction you choose.
    Drying mushrooms
  • Place on dehydrator tray. Do not crowd the mushrooms.
  • Dehydrate at ~46oC.
  • Dehydration time will vary. Dehydrate until the mushrooms are quite dry or leathery.
  • Store in a sealed container or bag. Should keep for about a year. Ensure you label the bag.
    Dehydrate mushrooms

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