Earlier this spring, we created a wood chip pile and inoculated it with blue oyster sawdust spawn.  We put the pile near our bees.

The process was simple:

  • We put down cardboard to keep the wood chips from becoming colonized with wild fungi
  • We mixed blue oyster sawdust spawn with wood chips

The wood chips were very fresh. We had just cut down healthy trembling aspen (before they leafed out) and rented a wood chipper for the branches.  We made sure we mixed in the sawdust spawn within one week of making the wood chips.

This pile was created in April.  It has been fruiting for a couple of weeks already!  These pictures were taken after it rained so that’s why the mushrooms look wet.

It would probably be better to put straw on top to keep the moisture in and maybe keep the mushrooms cleaner.

We’ll make sure we add new wood chips to the pile next spring.

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